Naveen Bhoot started in a small way as a vendor to major handicrafts exporters before venturing out on his own. The products that Manav Creations manufacturers are typical household utility items, wooden as well as metal and wooden products embellished with metal strips. These products have been received in the overseas markets.

The wooden products have a lot of carvings in which Rajasthan’s craftsmen excel. The metal embellishments too, have designed impressions that match carvings on wood.
The products designed for gifts are also similarly treated to enhance their aesthetic appeal.

These products are marketed in Spain, parts of France, Middle East and South Africa though there are subtle differences in design treatment of products sold in various countries.

Manav Creations has started manufacturing typical Indian carved furniture. It has observed that carve furniture, with Indian motifs, have an universal appeal and does not require major changes in design or style from market to market.


Naveen Bhoot



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