Mansi Art Export, since its inception, concentrates only on steel and wrought iron products in order to maintain quality. The company believes in making full use of its core competence. Also, they believe that one could be as creative with iron sheets and rods as 59aawith wood and other metals.

The products are used mostly for decorative purposes, be it wall hangings or display on mantelpiece and side tables. The utility products are in equal demand mostly for kitchen and sometimes for keeping gardening tools as well. The wrought iron furniture it manufactures is mostly for outdoor use though they are not averse to making indoor furniture. Powder-coating or burn finish is popular amongst buyers rather than painted look.

Mansi Art Export prefers to create its own design but welcomes any suggestions or changes in designs from buyers. It helps both ways, believes its veterans. The company’s market is the United States of America and the volumes exported are large and are able to achieve economies of scale.

Harish Panwar



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