Desert Art Export: Crafting Rajasthan’s Heritage for the World


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In the heart of Rajasthan, where tradition and craftsmanship intertwine, Desert Art Export has been quietly creating a niche for itself in the world of hand-crafted wooden and metal products. Established in 2002 by Sunil Bhandari, this company has become synonymous with the preservation of Rajasthan’s rich heritage while catering exclusively to the overseas market.

Crafting by Hand, Crafting with Heart

One remarkable aspect that sets Desert Art Export apart is its commitment to hand-crafted products. In an age where automation and mass production dominate, this company takes pride in producing each item meticulously by hand. The result is not just a product but a piece of art that carries the essence of Rajasthan’s traditional craftsmanship.

A Blend of Styles and Motifs

Desert Art Export’s products may be destined for international markets, but they remain firmly rooted in Rajasthani styles and motifs. While buyers overseas may have their preferences in design and style, the company seamlessly blends these with the artistry and aesthetics of Rajasthan. This fusion results in unique pieces that tell a global story with a Rajasthani accent.

The Precision of Time-Consuming Craftsmanship

The seemingly small wooden plaques and intricately carved figurines that Desert Art Export produces require a level of craftsmanship that is both time-consuming and exacting. Each block or cut-out must be precise, with no room for even the minutest gap, as it could mar the entire look. This commitment to perfection is a testament to the dedication of the artisans behind each creation.

Desert Art Export: Crafting Wooden Plaques with a Purpose

Among the many products crafted by Desert Art Export, wooden plaques hold a special place. These are often made on specific demand, intended for display in public places. Some of these plaques feature small carved figurines, adding an extra layer of artistry and complexity. This form of art is a specialty of Rajasthan, and Desert Art Export ensures that its legacy continues to shine.

Expanding Beyond Art: Eco-Friendly Furniture

While Desert Art Export is renowned for its handicraft items in wood and metal, the company has also diversified into the production of eco-friendly furniture. Stools with eco-friendly material tops are now part of their offerings. These pieces are exported primarily to environment-conscious countries, mainly in Europe. The fusion of traditional craftsmanship with sustainable materials highlights the company’s adaptability and commitment to contemporary environmental concerns.

A World of Trays and Tabletop Gift Items

Trays and tabletop gift items are another feather in Desert Art Export’s cap. These products, like the rest of their offerings, bear engravings that add a touch of elegance and sophistication. Importantly, the designs of these items are customized to cater to the specific preferences of customers in different countries, showcasing the company’s versatility.

Preserving Tradition in an Ever-Changing World

Sunil Bhandari and Desert Art Export understand the tremendous potential of Rajasthan’s intricate handicrafts in the global market. In an era where mass production is the norm, hand-crafted items have a unique allure. As Sunil Bhandari himself asserts, “Handicraft products have tremendous potential abroad since this kind of intricate work is still the preserve of Rajasthani craftsmen.”

Desert Art Export is not just a business; it’s a custodian of tradition, an ambassador of Rajasthani artistry, and a bridge that connects the rich heritage of Rajasthan with the world. In every piece they create, the soul of Rajasthan finds expression, and the world is richer for it.

If you’re seeking a piece of Rajasthan’s rich cultural heritage, skillfully crafted into an exquisite work of art, Desert Art Export is the destination. It’s a journey into the heart of Rajasthan, where tradition meets innovation, and craftsmanship is a labor of love.


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