Years ago Makers Mart started with aluminium sheets to manufacture various products. It then turned its attention to other metal sheets such as brass and bronze. Meanwhile, 57aMakers Mart realized that it would be worthwhile to start marble and stone carving,
traditional crafts which Jodhpur’s artisans are traditionally good at.

The demand for marble and stone products varies from domestic to foreign clients: Makers Mart has supplied enormous amount of marble and stonework for temples in India while foreign markets primarily utilize stone and marble artifacts to beautify gardens or fireplaces. The company recently sent a eight metric diameter marble water fountain to Italy. In fact, the demand for water fountain to Italy. In fact, the demand for water fountains is from Italy and Germany though many Western countries prefer marble fireplaces and mantelpiece fixtures. In the United Kingdom the favourite product in demand is planters made out of sandstone.

Kamod Tatiya



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