The company has been manufacturing handcrafted products for more than two decades. Of the smaller articles, it makes gods and goddesses in marble, wood, clay or iron. It also 56amanufactures utility products meant for daily use.

The company’s forte is refurbishing, redesigning and reproduction of Shekavati art including furniture. Buyers now have started understanding the richness of Shekavati
artifacts. They are normally in vibrant colours. Though it may not be universally accepted, but people who know the region and its history are Ashok Jain’s customers. These are exported throughout the world and admitted people of Indian origin are the company’s main customers.

Shekavati style furniture is in good demand in Gulf countries. However, Lucky Art India’s products are different: the Shekavati furniture has brass fittings and pronounced carvings. The company also manufactures marble products in different sizes and styles from small figures for decorative purposes to large objects like water fountains and planters. There is also finely chiseled trellis, mostly used in gardens.

Ashok Jain



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