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In this article, I am trying to explain the struggles of Indian youngsters who are living in rural areas of India. The Ministry of Human Resource Development (1985) considers the ‘youth group’ in India as persons in the age group 15 to 35 years. Youth forms nearly one-third of the total population of India. Rural youth constitute over two-and-half times the size of urban youth. Normally in Indian rural areas, all have to go to cities for their higher education as well as for their jobs. Because eminent higher education institutions and companies were in cities only.

So, youngsters belong to poor families can’t go to higher education in eminent institutions because of their poverty. Some rich people from the village are easily going for education in cities. But most of the poor students are really struggling to continue higher education after their schooling because of their poverty. So, they supposed to continue higher education in local institutions even though they are eligible to get a seat in the top of most institutions. In some worst cases, students go to their father’s work after completing high schooling even though they are interested in continuing education. So, their education ended with schooling itself because of their poverty and non-availability for higher education in rural areas.

Youth Group

I have completed my high school with 97 percent and I can go to higher education in a topmost institution in TamilNadu but I can’t go for higher education in these institutions. Even though my family can pay the college fees but can’t afford the expenses happening for staying in the city like hostel fees or room rent, mess fees, etc. So my dreams about my education destroyed because of my family’s situation. Only rich and maybe middle-class people can go for higher education but coming to poor people especially poor people living in rural areas cannot study higher education at all. I became prey to that. Now I am searching for jobs for earning money to complete my higher education. I hope that one day I will complete my education in my dream institution.


What I want to say from this article is nobody should sacrifice their higher education opportunity because of their poverty. At least the next generation have to study their higher education without any sacrifice.


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