12 Incredible Facts Of India


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Are you looking for 12 Incredible Facts Of India? then to check out this Post. Home to the Indus civilization and the land which has been evidence of vast empires and kingdoms yet has never ruled any country, diverse in cultures and traditions but united when it comes to humanity and fighting for the nation. The nation is none other than beloved motherland India.

12 incredible facts about India you never knew.

Our nation has every quality to make its citizens proud. The country proudly boasts its culture, traditions, education, agriculture, inventions and unity in diversity. Do you think you know everything about India? No. There are some incredible facts about India that you did not know about and should definitely know!

  1. Ayurveda, the widely known science of medicine known to human kind was written by Charaka in India 2500 years ago. India has seen invention of the decimal value system, algebra, calculus and trigonometry. The “0” was invented by Aryabhatta who was of Indian origin. Chess was also invented in India.
  2. Being the 7th largest country in the world, it is the largest democracy of this world and is one of the oldest civilizations. India is named after the river Indus, the valleys of Indus were first to be inhabited by Aryans who discovered India and they named the Indus river as Sindhu. The Persian traders renamed Sindhu to Hindu later and the name Hindustan is derived from Hindu and Sindhu and is a combination of both.
  3. The Kumbha mela gathering of India invites millions of people every year. The kumbha mela of year 2011 was the largest of all with a count of 75 million pilgrims and the crowd was so huge that it was visible from the space.
  4. The Bandra-Worli Sea Link in Mumbai is one of its Kind. It is an engineering marvel which was completed in 2,57,00,000 man hours and has used wires that are equal to the circumference of Earth. It weighs as much as 50000 African elephants.
  5. Water on Moon was discovered by the ISRO Chandrayan -1 in the year 2009 and used moon mineralogy mapper technique for this.
  6. The national Kabaddi team of India has won all world cups held till date.
  7. The Science day in Switzerland Is dedicated to our Ex-President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. On his arrival to Switzerland, may 26th was declared as Science day in his honor.
  8. India has the largest network of post offices with over 1,55,015 post offices all over the country. India also has a floating post office located on Dal Lake in Srinagar. This post office was inaugurated in the year 2011, August.
  1. India was the richest nation until it was invaded by Britishers. Until the 18th century India was the only source of diamonds to the world. Christopher Columbus who discovered the route to India was attracted to the wealth of India and in this course he mistakenly discovered America.
  2. The Baily Bridge which is the largest bridge in the World, was built by Indian army in year 1982. This bridge connects Dras and Suru rivers in the Himalayas.
  3. Sushruta who is regarded as the father of Surgery with his team used to perform complicated surgeries like brain surgeries, cataract, urinary stones, plastic surgeries and artificial limbs over 2600 years ago. Anesthesia and its usage for these surgeries was also known and found in ancient Indian texts.
  4. Varanasi which is known as Banaras today, was visited by Gautam Buddha in year 500 BC and is the oldest continuously inhabited city and was named as Ancient city.

These are just few facts about India which people rarely notice. India is full of wonders and attributes that date back in history.


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