Sequin Beadwork


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Sequin Beadwork is an attractive art of embroidering small beads and sequins into a range of aesthetically pleasing patterns.

In this type of work, very small and uniform coloured beads and sequins are attached to delicate garments or other fabrics.

Each bead is just a part of a large design, and the overall design creates the impact, rather than a single bead. The artistry and the skill depend on the design, construction and implementation of the article.

History of Sequins

Sequins are disk-shaped material used for ornamentation purpose. In earlier centuries they were made from shiny metals but now they are usually made from glass, acrylic, plastic, crystal, stone, pearl, coral, gemstone, etc.

They are available in different colours and geometrical shapes. Mainly, sequins have a hole in the centre. Paillettes are sequin like and are commonly very large and flat.

Displaying Various Methods to use sequins: Sequin Beadwork: A Beautiful and Trendy Art Form - Swadesi

How to Use Sequins

Sequins can be attached while making loops of the chain stitch. Sequins are put on the fabric attached to adda and while taking the loop for a chain, it is also taken in the loop.

Sequins may be sewed flat to the fabric, using aari or embroidery needle so that they do not shift, and are less likely to drop or they may be sewed at only one point, so that they hang, swing and move very easily, to grab more light.

Sequins can also be stitched one overlapping other, stitched adjacent with diagonal beading, two sequins lined with beads, individual sequin with bead stopper or sequin backstitched with trailing beads.

Some sequins are made with multiple facets, to increase their reflective ability.

Some sequins are cupped. Sometimes these are used to get the required effect but it doesn’t matter which side is being used unless there is uniformity in it.

A dress having heavy sequin decorations
A red shoe with a bow having sequin decorations

Tips for Sequin Beadwork

Sequins are generally used on clothes, jewelry, bags, shoes, etc. They are used in embellishing special occasion clothing such as a wedding or other formal gowns, matching shoes, formal gloves or costumes and masks. 

In the past before neon and lighted sign boards came into existence, sequins were used to lighten the signboards.

Sequins are a great way to decorate things with endless possibilities. They were in fashion before, are in trend now and will be trending forever. They highlight the embroidery, enhances the beauty of clothes and makes them shine.


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