Rajasthani Handicraft Wood and Metal Craft


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Rajasthani Wood and Metal Craft

Rajasthani Wood and Metal Craft is very cool. There is probably no Indian state which can compete Rajasthan when it comes to their handicrafts. Handicrafts are an inseparable part of the Rajasthani culture. These have an important historic aspect as it’s an occupation since ages and is still alive today, in this modern era. Scroll down to see some of these wonderful art forms…

Wonderful Wood craft

Woodcrafts are an aesthetic and cultural aspect of Rajasthan, which reflects in their unique culture. They range from small artefacts, ornaments, to furniture and some useful designs. Carvings are done with some cutting tool like a knife, for example, and a chisel.

wood craft: wood sculpturing tools

Wood sculpturing tools
Wood sculpturing tools

No doubt they look mesmerizing once done, but often the process takes several hours and skill. Many types of wood are used to carve these. But the sculptures of sandalwood stood apart from all others, and for a good reason. Sandalwood is loved by all, and so are the sandalwood carvings. It, unlike any other wood, has its peculiar sweet fragrance.

wood craft: wood carved elephant

Rajasthani Wood and Metal Craft: A wood carved elephant
Rajasthani Wood and Metal Craft: A wood-carved elephant

Sometimes, wood crafts don’t include purely just wood. Some other material, like metals, or bone either embedded or embossed upon the wood. Such pieces get sold for a higher price as they look more elaborate.

Photo frames add that vintage and ancient touch to your decor and maintain that simplicity quality on the same side. These sometimes can be a bit bulky, yet they never fail to catch someone’s eye by their charm.

A wooden photo-frame
A wooden photo-frame

Ornaments made using woodcraft are way too fabulous. Due to their small size, minute fragile details add to their factor of delicacy. They add to that vibrant, yet subtle look.

Wooden ornaments
Wooden ornaments

Their Magnificent Metal craft

Metal carvings of Rajasthan look especially marvellous, which have a glorious cultural and historical aspect to it. The most widely used metal for these was silver, of course, to give that regal touch and make it look luxurious.

Metal Craft: A cow and calf metal statue

A cow and calf metal statue
A cow and calf metal statue

Other than silver, brass was very common. Metal art majorly consists of engraving and enameling. Besides these, hammering and piercing methods are also used. Wires were moulded into the desired shape made awesome designs too.

Metal Craft: the wire metal work

The wire metal work
The wire metal work

For royal artefacts, often delicate filigree work was done. Metal art was also used in armour, and pots used for storing water. Intricate details of flowers and creepers, made it look more beautiful. Even idols were sculptured from brass. Many still use such small brass idols for worship.

A Diya with Lord Ganesh and Lakshmi idols made from metal
A Diya with Lord Ganesh and Lakshmi idols made from metal

Often, accessories like pendants were made all just metal art. Also, wall- hangings could be made with metals, without making them much heavy.

Wall hanging metal craft
Wall hanging metal craft

Rajasthan never fails to disappoint us. It’s culture, history, tradition, all speak for themselves. These woodcrafts and metal art have been practised since ancient times, and are a way of living for many people. It’s amazing to see how this state’s all aspect explain others and strike a balance together.


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