The company believes in using minimal natural resources and reduces the environmental impact caused by it. It thus uses only reclaimed wood in the manufacturing of its furniture. Its entire production is exported and foreign buyers insist on reclaimed wood furniture only.
Original Art Galleries insist that it saves wood by buying from those who demolish old building or houses and putting it into good use, which otherwise would have been used as firewood. The old wood needs no seasoning as it has aged and undergone 64aaseasoning through the years of its use in old buildings. Moreover working on old wood is
easier than working on freshly cut wood.

The old wood is toxic-free since it is not subject to artificial seasoning. Western buyers are aware of this aspect and are now insisting on reclaimed wood furniture. Also, its grains are beautiful and simple toxic-free polish further enhances its appeal. Even making ethnic designs on old wood is easier, ensuring minimal wastage.

Rakesh Mehta



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