The company manufactures both handicraft products and furniture, though its emphasis remains more on furniture. The German-based designer provides design inputs to the company which in turn ensures production of quality designs for the European countries. The company is not averse to suggestions or modifications from buyers.
New Light Art Exports are fastidious about quality since inception and particular about informing buyers that cost cutting is not possible at the cost of compromising on the 63aaquality. The buyers then come to terms with the company’s views. Quality means cost and buyers now agree that high quality and low cost is a combination that just does not work. The company’s main market is Europe, though it exports to Australia and the United States of America as well, but the volume is lesser than the European market.

The company does manufacture handicrafts, not on a routine basis but on specific demand. Again the products are high-end be it display or utility items.

Mohan Singh Bhati



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