65aaPoja International’s forte is reproduction of antique range of furniture and even new furniture is given that treatment. There is demand for such furniture; admittedly it cannot
be manufactured in large volumes. While carrying out exports fulfilling its order the company also supplies to local exporters. The reason, the company maintains is that everyone is not proficient enough to undertake this kind of work. There is a market in the Gulf countries and Europe, a small volume in South Africa and the United States of America.

It is easier to refurbish old products, such as doors and windows, reclaimed from houses that are demolished for newer construction. This old wood, seasoned naturally over the years, needs very little attention other than good polish. These can be used in combination with several products such as shutters for wardrobes or large doors are in demand from high-end hotels or interior decoration of villas and farmhouses of the well-heeled.

Ghanshyam Saraf



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