There is intense competition within the country for fashion, costume or ethnic jewellery segment and as the saying goes it is to differentiate between chalk and cheese. Ever since
Deepak Jain entered the business, he has believed in quality, design excellence and importantly, timely delivery though the general belief is that designs and styles are everything in this business.

The company has a dedicated team of designers and at times, fashion magazines provide them hints on fashion. Unlike India, Western countries have two seasons in a year, since Deepak Manufacturing’s products are exported to most continents, Deepak Jain takes part in 14 fairs or shows in a year. This provides an opportunity to buyers and major retail stores to assess the company’s offerings. This move has helped the company immensely. Of course, some buyers do visit Deepak Jain with suggestions and requirements so that they can have products before the oncoming season.

Deepak Jain



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