Nivedita Swarrup is the name of fine hand – woven shawl makers. Producing excellent fashion accessories is the passion of Swarup Mukherjee. Designs of shawls, stoles, ties, gloves and parcos keep on changing as Swarup Mukherjee believes that to attract people 28ain every season and for all reasons is the primary goal one has to change with time.

The company has a large portfolio of creations that have become very popular with buyers in USA and Europe (especially Britain) for last few years. The company’s major markets are USA and Europe with little variations in demand and choices in each of their country. With hints from magazines, newspapers on what to be expected in the coming season, the company also incorporates suggestion by its esteemed buyers. Also in the price sensitive market the manufacturer believes that it is quality that matters and tries that items should not be suffered at any cost.

Swarup Mukherjee

Nivedita Swarup


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