Fashion jewellery and accessories are all about innovative designs and creativity that stand apart from others in terms of freshness and style. In a crowded fashion accessories market, it’s very essential to keep the items trendy and up to date.
Inderjit Ashok Kumar has been recognized in this market for its creativity and 26aexclusive products. It’s in-house skilled and very creative design team manufacturers hand
embroidered scarves, pashmina shawls and stoles, pareos, gloves and all kinds of fashion accessories from mere threads to metals, bone, horn, shells and wood. Items that Inderjit Ashok Kumar produces are very much appreciated in domestic as well as international market.

Its major markets are in Europe and US. As the designs preferred differ from country to country within Europe, the manufacturer has answers to all kind of demands and choices. So do colours and sizes. Apart from Europe, inderjit Ashok Kumar exports to the United States and also undertakes work for specific markets or clients.

Rajan Kapur

Inderjit Ashok Kumar


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