The differences one looks for in fashion jewellery between one exporter and another is all about aesthetics, every jeweler manufacturing fashion jewellery looks for that minute 25aadifference that would set them apart and I am no exception. In addition to my own design team, we have a French designer specifically assigned to target the niche markets in Europe.

The fashion jewellery concept has hit us like a storm and every jeweler is in the race to grab that slice of the pie. The real beneficiaries would be those looking for long term gains. When we started this business 15 years ago, our objective was to establish ourselves for long – term performance and we set ourselves towards that goal. The emphasis was on designs, styles, quality and delivery schedules. We never compromised on any one of these aspects. In addition, our preference was on volume, by which manufacturing cost s reduced, so that the ultimate buyer on the street is benefited. Our share in markets in Europe and the USA have grown year on year.

Karan Singh Yadav

Crafts Overseas


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