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The scientific name of Proso Millet is Panicum Miliaceum. It is a grain crop with many common names such as Broom-corn millet, Common millet, Hog millet, Kashfi millet, Red millet & White millet. The name ”proso millet ” comes from the pan- slavic general and generic name for millet Croatian : proso.

Proso Millet

Proso millet is an annual herbaceous plant in the genera Panicum, and it has a chromosome number of 2n =36 with basic chromosome number of x=9. Thus, proso millet is probably the third most important millet, after pearl millet & foxtail millet.

Cultivation Period :

Proso millet is a relatively low – demanding crop. In United States it often used as an inter-crop.The harvesting time is the end of August until mid – September.

The crop is having extremely short life-span with some varieties producing grain only 60 days after planting. It is generally cultivated in the cooler regions of Asia, Eastern  Africa, Southern Europe & United states.

Qualities of Proso Millet :

Proso millet comes with it’s unique properties among millet. It comes in different color like white cream, yellow, orange, brown to black. The grains are spherical oval in shape. The unique quality of proso millet is that it can bear situations like drought and heat tolerance.

Top Health benefits of Proso Millet:

Proso Millet

1. Beneficial in antiageing – Proso- millet has high anti-oxidant. They remove free – radicals from body. Free – radicals are the reasons for wrinkles on skin, complexion loss etc. If you add proso millet in diet it’ll help you delay the ageing process .

2. Useful for strengthening bones – Proso millet contains high amounts of calcium which is essential for bone growth and maintenance.

Proso millet contains calcium that are very helpful for young children whose bones are in the growing phase & for old people for whom large amounts of calcium are required for proper bone maintenance.

3. Beneficial for nervous system – High amount of  lecithin is present in proso millet. It is compound that indirectly affect the nervous system & keeps it functioning smoothly .

Nutritional  value :

It is a highly nutritious cereal grain used for human consumption. Proso millet is calculated to be 356 kcal per 100 gms making 80 cal equivalent to 22.47 g with 124.27 g of carbohydrates, 18.02 of protein, 2.89 g of fat in 170 g while being rich in vitamins and minerals such as copper and magnesium .

How to include in diet :

Proso millet is desirable for human food because it is easily digestible and gluten – free .

It can be ground into flour, used to bake flatbreads and for brewing beer. One must surely include Proso millet in there diet .


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