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Creation of three-dimensional structures using papers or cards manually is referred to as paper handicraft. Oodles of people enjoy paper crafting. It is readily available, fun and easy to make. And the low cost adds the Cherry on the cake.

There are various technologies used in paper crafting. Few of my favorite ones are listed below.

1. Cardmaking

219ff646e4afbe5252798705b7dcbbe1Giving your loved ones a card made by you, on any occasion would surely bring a smile on their face. It’s because you invested your time to make the card for them which makes it special in itself. The paper cards made are surely very attractive and creative. You don’t require any special talent to create it and it’s even fun.

2. Quilling


Quilling is manipulation of paper strips into different shapes and gluing them together to make various designs. These designs are used to decor greeting cards, boxes, eggs and also to make models, pieces of jewelry, mobile covers, etc.

3. Paper mache


Paper mache is a material made from pulped paper or pieces of paper glued together, that can be given the desired shape when wet, and are hard and fit for painting when dry. Glue used are of different and has some special techniques. Surprising paper mache is used to produce gimmicky sculpture and art.

4. Scrapbooking


Scrapbook is a collection of all your beautiful memories in the form of photos and notes written by you or your loved ones arranged artistically in a book, box, or card. Nothing is better than reviewing your best past memories in the form of a book. It’s liking reading a novel based on your life.

5. Origami


The art of Origami is believed to be originated from Japan. Origami is referred to as a transformation of a flat square paper into a complete sculpture through artistic and sculpting techniques. Small origami sculptures can be used in different designs to make large and ornate sculptures. Action origami, Modular origami, Wet-folding, Pureland origami, Origami tessellations, and Kirigami are various types of origami.

6. Paper Cutting

 paper handicraft

Paper cutting is the art of cutting paper in a different fashion. Based on the distinct culture all over the world this art it evolved uniquely everywhere. One traditional distinction most styles share in common is that the designs are cut from a single sheet of paper as opposed to multiple adjoining sheets as in collage.

7. Paper making


Paper making is a formation of colorful and artistic sheets papers by recycling junks paper. Making paper of their own choice satisfies the Crafters. It not only creates unique artistic papers that are not readily available but also is great for our environment.

8. Paper lantern 


Paper lantern is the lantern made using thin and colorful paper. They are available in a variety of shapes, size, and designs. You can place candle or light bulb in the center to create lamp effect. An airborne paper lantern is known as sky lanterns and is often released in the night for aesthetic effect at lantern festival.


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