Jorhat – The Cultural Capital Of Assam


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Jorhat is a major city and one of the most important urban centers in Assam, India. The cultural diversities which prevailed in Jorhat nearly a century ago has inspired the people to participate in cultural activities through the decades and as a result, Jorhat has been able to produce many creative writers, musician, actors, historians, and journalists, terming Jorhat as “The Cultural Capital of Assam”

Jorhat – The Cultural Capital Of Assam tea treasure house

Jorhat jewellery

Assam is not only famous for its greenery, wildlife, Bihu festival, one-horned rhinoceros, tea gardens, Brahmaputra river, hottest chilli Bhoot Jolokia, Eri and Muga silk, and Bhupen Hazarika, it is equally famous for its jewelry-making.

Jorhat is the main hub of manufacturing of Assamese jewelry design.

Inspired by flora and fauna, surroundings, objects such as musical instruments and things used in daily life, Assamese jewellery design is completely hand-made. In the making of traditional Assamese jewelry designs, the main frame is made of silver which is covered by a thin gold covering. Gold is the prime metal used whereas silver and other metals have been used for centuries.


The base of the Assamese ornaments is made of silver or lac and then they are covered with very thin gold foil. So, this particular kind of jewelry is very affordable. But, to be contemporary, people nowadays prefer to have gold base also. There are three methods involved in the whole process.

1. The main frame is made of 24-carat gold and lac is used as a filling material.
2. Gold foils are used over a silver frame. This method is very popular because of its affordable price.
3. Silver made jewelry which is gold plated.


In all three methods, stones and meenawork are used. Originally, these ornaments were studded with rubies, moonstone emeralds, and garnets, which were colloquially referred to as “Dalimiya Pathur” (The stone color was compared to pomegranate seeds).

The most popular pattern used in Assam Jewelry is black, green and red enameling which is done on gold jewellery. This is popular, trendy and dominating in the traditional dresses of Assam.

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