Palm Jaggery


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Palm jaggery is a source of natural sweetness without any harmful effects on health. Besides being sweet it has many physical benefits.

Palm jaggery is obtained from the sap of the coconut. It is obtained from the sweet flower blossom nectar of the green coconut tree. The nectar is collected from the trees. Further, it is boiled and moulded in different shapes by pouring the mixture in the hollow bamboo moulds. It is sweet which can be enjoyed even by diabetics without worrying about their sugar level.

Nutritional values:-

Palm jaggery is a rich source of Iron. It also contains nutrients such as magnesium, potassium, calcium. A 100grams of palm jaggery contains 96% of carbs, 0.8% of calcium, .03% of Iron, 1.6 % of magnesium, and 0.4% of phosphorus. Every 100grams of palm jaggery contains 380 calories.

Health Benefits:-

Palm jaggery improves digestion by activating digestive enzymes. It also helps in treating cold and cough. It is a very well known source of energy. It works as an energy booster. Palm jaggery also helps in weight reduction. The presence of Iron works as an antidote for anemia.

How to include in diet:-

It can be taken in a small amount on a daily basis for an instant energy boost. To cure cough and cold it can be taken with warm water. A spoonful of palm jaggery can help in soothing migraine. It can also be added as a sweetener in foods and beverages.

palm jaggery

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