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The question here is that are you an art lover? Well, the thing that one person can be sure of is that it comes to knowing the top list painters of India, MF Hussain is the came that you can see on the top of the list. The beauty of his paintings can totally reflect on how as a human being he was. 

Maqbool Fida Hussain, known popularly as ‘MF Hussain’ who received love and affection not only from Indians but foreigners too. Born and bought up at Pandharpur in Maharashtra, his works of art will leave you speechless. His paintings are known all the overworld that he created during his lifetime. He began his career as a painter of cinema hoardings at an art school in Mumbai. After that, he became a Fine Artist in the 1940s and was called to invent academic techniques. So huge was the popularity of his works that he was called the Picasso of India by the Forbes Magazine.

m f hussain

And also he was responsible for coming up with ideas for modernizing Indian art through his specular techniques and paintings. Using freehand drawing and vibrant colour he depicted Indian subject matter in the style of contemporary art movements popularly Cubism.

He was also called one of the controversial painters in Indian history because of the caste he belonged to. He was criticized for painting Hindu deities in a disrespectful manner after being a Muslim. During his splendid career, he even tried his hands at printmaking, film making, and photography. Interweaving the religious and symbolic iconography with historical figures and events, the paintings also incorporate the memories of the artist’s own life. 

m f hussain

The films that he made during the course of his career were highly criticized. However, his work was apt and loved by one all. Apart from receiving awards like Padma Bhushan and Padma Vibhushan, he also received a lot of awards from international organizations. At the time of his death, he had been working on the series of 96 panels which again proves his love and passion for art.


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