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Global warming and greenhouse effects are making the condition of earth worse, in such time all we need to do is remember the 3 R’s Reuse, Recycle and Reduce. So we need to use such materials that can help us. Jute being a natural fibre helps us in making beautiful handicrafts and multi-purpose quality products. So to curb this current global environmental problems here are top 5 Jute products which you can use in your daily life.

  1. Jute Bags.

Along with being trendy and stylish, they provide extreme strength. Usually, such bags are bleached and are decorated with artistic designs. So, such bags look elegant with your everyday wears and assures long-term use.


  1. Jute carpet

Décor you floor with jute carpet as they give great choice for your floor. Many handicrafts with astonishing designs come for it. Also, one can get a rich urban look at less price as jute carpets are usually less expensive than other carpets.


  1. Jute craft and furnishing

Make your home green and eco-friendly with jute furniture. It has an admirable strength and is water absorbent hence are long-lasting. Moreover, it is independent if harmful chemicals and are natural.


  1. Jute Goods (Ropes especially)

Jute being biodegradable and 100% natural, Jute goods do not pollute the environment. Being good insulating and antistatic properties and low thermal conductivity and a moderate moisture regain, jute goods last for a long time and provide great strength. Such goods give a decent and soothing touch up with home furnishing.


  1. Jute Apparels

Jute fabrics can mimic wool, cotton or silk depending on its processing and hence provide a versatility in looks. Also, it can withstand the great pressure and exhibit a high tenacity. Jute clothes are highly breathable and provide a great insulation from sound and temperature.



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