Famous #1 Blue Pottery Of Jaipur


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Blue Pottery of Jaipur

“Blue Pottery of Jaipur” is come from Jaipur-Pink City, apart from being famous for all the Forts is also famous for The Blue Pottery, a handicraft that has made its existence evident from the Mughal Era BLUE POTTERY. The name originates from the eye-catching blue color of the products. It’s been tested and proved!!

Once you see the blue motifs you can’t get away with it! These blue babies definitely convince you enough to take them home with you. This age-old handicraft did not originate in India, its Turko-Persian which traveled to India through Kashmir until it reached its Final Destination- Jaipur.

Blue Pottery Of Jaipur
Blue Pottery Of Jaipur

The main reason behind it is the abundance of the raw materials used for the production of Blue Pottery. Blue pottery is unique in its own way that is, unlike all other traditional pottery techniques it doesn’t need clay for its production.

Traditional Blue Pottery of jaipur

Blue Pottery Of Jaipur
Blue Pottery Of Jaipur


In Jaipur Blue pottery each product is hand-painted and takes 15-20 days to finish and is very tedious and a long process. Each product is unique; initially, the artisan can only have a rough idea of how the product is going to look like. Its only during the process, once the glazing is done the final outcome takes a shape.

Blue Pottery Designs

blue pottery
Blue Pottery Of Jaipur


Only the neck and lip of the motif are made on the wheel, the rest of the container is hand-painted by the artisans. The designs are mostly intricate flowers or vines. But due to the recent market demands, they are now changing the designs to be more abstract. So, now more of the fabric designs are painted on the motifs. This is one of the main features that keep the interest of artisan to invest more and more workmanship into this pottery.

 blue pottery

There is a vast range of products available; some of them are flower vases, ashtrays, jars, cups, tea sets, small bowls, and crockery. These products are very fragile and brittle therefore must be handled with care. But if handled properly they are durable. And also is impermeable i.e. they do not develop any cracks. This traditional art provides livelihood to major sections of artisans of Jaipur. And is now world-famous! Thanks to all the NGOs and welfares associations supporting it.

So the next time you visit The Pink City, make sure you get these blue wonders to adorn your house.


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