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Peace, Serenity, and Calm will you believe me if I said all of these reside in the same place? Well……. Let’s just say you’ve got a place to know about.

Mahabodhi Temple resides in Gaya at the banks of Phalgu River. According to historians, it is believed that a young prince Siddhartha Gautama who saw the suffering of the world and wanted to end it, Sought refuge here and found answers.

The History of the Mahabodhi Temple

Therefore this is the place where Buddha found enlightenment. After attaining enlightenment Buddha spent 7 succeeding weeks at 7 different places of the temple. Therefore these 7 places hold immense importance.



The Bodhi Tree

The highlight of this temple is undoubtedly The Bodhi Tree. It is directly connected to the life of Buddha himself. Buddha was meditating under this tree when he had the insight.

Mucalinda Lake

Mucalinda Lake offers an incredible sight to anyone who has got an eye for scenery. This lake is also known as Lotus Pond. It is surrounded by lush greens and provides a peaceful atmosphere.



The main attraction of this lake is the statue of Buddha located at the center of the lake.



The Buddha Statue in this temple is made of black stone but is covered in gold. The Buddha statue is on Vajrasana which is installed by Ashoka Emperor.



During the second week after the enlightenment, Buddha remained standing and stared, uninterrupted at the Bodhi tree. This spot is marked with Animeshlocha Stupa i.e., Unblinking Stupa.

mahabodhi temple


The Significance of the Mahabodhi Temple

Mahabodhi temple is considered to be the oldest and best-preserved example of brick architecture. The architecture of the temple has remained unscathed and follows the original form and design.

Stone railings surround the temple. Asoka’s famous pillars adorn the south-east corner of the temple.

The pilgrims from all over the world come here to experience a breath-taking journey of Buddha’s enlightenment. Mahabodhi temple has also been declared as World Heritage Property. So next time make sure to add Mahabodhi temple on your traveling lists!! Until then …….. Buddham Sharanam Gachhami!!!

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