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Women in India not only just manage their homes but also earn their bread working hard. Every day, they have so many duties to perform that it’s very important for them to be active and energetic. Here, we bring some tips for them that will help them to stay healthy


            Yoga is an ancient gift not only for woman but also for man. A person who adds yoga in his/her daily routine makes life balanced. It keeps you physically and mentally fit and improves your energy level. Yoga also improves your concentration and helps is meditation that is bliss for life.Yoga

Fresh Vegetables and Fruits

            Our body feels good when we eat good food that is easy to digest and contains all the important nutrients it requires for the better functioning. Indian culture always believes in simple food that includes seasonal vegetables and fruits that are great source of calcium, protein, iron, zinc, multi – vitamins and minerals that are necessary for good health. A woman who works not only for herself but for her entire family should include all of them for a healthy body.


Dairy products

Indian is a land of animal husbandry. Milk, butter, curd, cheese, butter-milk and other dairy products are great source of protein, calcium, carbs, vitamin Dand Potassium which are very essential for the health of both man and woman. You should include dairy products in your meal.

Dairy Products



            Dance is an interesting and healthy exercise for women. Indian culture has been adorned with so many types of classical and non-classical dances. Not only it will entertain you but also keep you physically fit. When a woman dances she forgets all the worries and feels relaxed and ready to put her vibes for another tasks of the day.


Pulses and Beans

            Being a land of cultivation, India has a great source of pulses (daal) and beans that are back bone of Indian meal. They are a rich source of proteins for a balanced diet. You should include them in your regular meal for good health.

Pulses & Beans





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