Revolutionary EcoRightbags: Biodegradable stylish bags in 2021


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Biodegradable EcoRightbags

Handbags are used by every woman in this world. These are considered as the essential elements of woman lifestyle. These handbags complete the whole of ladies that is why most ladies use matching bags with their dresses to look more beautiful.

There are many brands in the globe which are making purses for the woman among which some of them are very expensive and luxurious, and some are cheap and affordable and then there are some, extraordinary ones that not only make women look beautiful but they also beautify the environment by their biodegradable nature.

Yes! You read that right. Biodegradable bags do exist and they come with very interesting and beautiful designs. Biodegradable bags are bags that are capable of being decomposed by bacteria or other living organisms.

As we all know, plastic is very harmful to our environment. It is destroying the nature. You could contribute to the betterment of the earth by getting one of these biodegradable bags that also comes with style.


Now, there are so many brands and companies out there that sell biodegradable bags. You might be confused and lost. Sometimes you might lose your mind trying to find the better company. Oh, stop worrying now. Because EcoRight bags is here to the rescue.

What are EcoRight bags?

Ecoright bags are biodegradable handbags That are manufactured by the EcoRight bags company. This particular company is passionate about making the world a better place to live in. They’re starting with taking a small step in ridding this world of plastic. Isn’t a great work? The bags are all quirky and fun. Used by people aged from fifteen to forty.

In fact, EcoRight bags is an initiative by Norquest Brands Pvt. Ltd. That is a homegrown Indian company deeply committed to making our world a better place to live in. Norquest has been making Eco-friendly products for the last 14 years, working with brands all across the world.

As a B2B business, their bags have already helped cut down millions of plastic across 28 countries.

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What are EcoRight bags made of?

Ecoright bags are more into cotton and rude cotton. They are made from 100% natural fibers and eco-friendly dyes. They are also chemical-free and can hold 10 kg of weight, Which is way more than a plastic bag can.

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So, therefore, the colours used for printing are also eco-friendly colours. They are not harmful in any way. Did you also know that the packaging the bag comes with, is also biodegradable? Now, how is that not amazing?

download (2)How did the idea of making biodegradable bags came into existence?

Shrushti, the Product developer of the company answered saying that It all started because of the Environmental concerns. Earth is affected by the use of plastic. Plastic is not biodegradable.

That is when this idea began. How can we reduce the use of plastic in day to day life? What are all things therein which we can substitute the use of plastic? This way, the company decided to make biodegradable handbags, since plastic is mostly used as carrying bags or handbags in many places.

If the designs you ordered for, aren’t satisfying enough, can you replace them?

Definitely. If at all the bags did not turn out the way you expected them to be, then you can definitely return the bags, replace them and get yourself a new one! The company definitely cares for its consumer’s satisfaction and happiness.


How many products does ecoRight bags sell in a given period of time?

Basically, Ecoright bags sell up to 20 to 30 bags per day. It depends on the number of orders they receive from the consumers. They also sell at Amazon India and UK. While what they do is a small step in ridding the world of plastic, they also donate 1% of all the profits from EcoRight bags to saving the environment.

How and what kind of professionals do EcoRight bags recruit? And does government support their work?

Their designs are sourced from environmentally-conscious designers around the world. They have lawyers, students, graphic designers, sales managers across the three continents sending them their designs. Do you think you’re a good designer? Do you want to design for EcoRight bags? Then write to them at

The government is not involved with the EcoRight bags. The company is still figuring out its ways and starting new and hence the government is not yet involved with the company.

So lastly, take one of their bags home, do let them know that you think and above all, don’t use plastic. The world is choking and it is up to us to stop it. Be the change you want to see in the world and hence, go buy yourself these biodegradable stylish bags from EcoRight bags and bring that small magical change to the world.


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