Basant has been on the forefront of innovative designs in manufacturing since its inception. A first glance at the furniture manufactured by Gaurav Jain is enough to appreciate the company’s reputation. Though crafted in solid wood, the designs are in 23aastraight lines. The company professes that this kind of furniture is meant for modern day corporate offices or hotels.

Glass and metal also are incorporated in the designs. While glass is either on top tables or side tables and at times sandwich on the sides, the metal, normally chrome, is used as an embellishment to improve aesthetics. The company can design entire furniture setups for offices and hotel rooms as per the buyers’ requirement.

Though it meets domestic demands, a bulk of its business is in the overseas market. Its designs are well received in the European and US market. In addition, it manufactures decorative products to match furniture designs either for homes or offices.

Gaurav Jain



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