Bhandari Exports specializes in both contemporary and ethnic furniture since the demand differs from country to country. A 20-year-old company, Bhandari Exports has developed a huge market in the United States where it has large volume orders from major chains which prefer contemporary designs. The company’s ethnic designed furniture has a good market in European countries as well as the Gulf countries.

Placing a premium on quality, Bhandari Exports has its own seasoning plant to ensure uniform high grade products. The made-to-order variety is mainly from the Gulf countries and Germany, Italy and Spain while buyers from the United Kingdom are keen on 24afurniture with Victorian design.

Bhandari Exports’ biggest asset is its seasoned craftsmen who are well-known for their intricate design and carving prowess. The company’s carved furniture has a ready market in Spain and Scandinavian countries. It also receives queries and orders for carved furniture from Jordan and Turkey.

As for gift items – which Bhandari Exports produces – the demand is varied and differs from country to country. Additionally, the presence of a good in-house design team keeps Bhandari Exports abreast with the latest trends.

Nirmal Bhandari



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