Rajendra Mehta has been supplying furniture to bulk buyers connected to large chain stores in the USA and Germany. The prime consideration in bulk supplies is maintaining 54aquality and sticking to the time schedule. Thus faar, Lariya Art Palace has been able to do both to the satisfaction of costumers.

The company’s owner does not believe in wasting wood. The small pieces are utilized to make table tops or side shelves that have, incidentally, attracted the eye of
foreign buyers. Though such productions may not be in bulk, but they do attract interest. In fact,  Rajendra Mehta utilizes recycled wood to supplement the waste pieces that is generated in the factory.

One of the uses that the “waste wood” is put to is the manufacture of parquet tiles, which have found a ready market in the West. The company has taken up a few turnkey projects in France: these include interior designing and furniture designs. All the pieces are manufactured in Jodhpur and shipped abroad.

Rajendra Mehta



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