Antiques have always fascinated people all over the world. Rajasthani antiques are a different class altogether. When R P (Lalji) Singhal started trading in antiques, four decades ago, he was the pioneer. At that time few understood the value of antiques. Many jumped
on the bandwagon as the popularity of Rajasthan’s antiques spread and the originals are difficult to find now.

Most of the artefacts sold today as antiques are really reproductions, true to dimensions, motifs and colouring. Jodhpur’s artisans have mastered the art of reproducing them to the exact details mostly from photograps or old paintings. However, one can still find objects of the colonial era, though they are strictly not antiques in the real sense of the word, without Rajasthani motifs or designs. Yet, buyers from the United Kingdom are eager customers. Old, brightly coloured wooden chest or drawers find a ready market in Gulf countries. As for the European, Australian and New Zealand markets, changes in design patterns and colour combinations are carried out.


Sunil Singhal



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