Within a decade, Heritage has established itself as the foremost handcrafted leather furniture with metal structures producer. The handcrafted leather gives a rustic look and has special appeal over fully processed leather. Very few in the world have this speciality, the company avers.

40aa                It has wide-ranging products from bar stools, chairs, arm chairs and even small leather-top tables. It has specially designed sofa sets, too. Even small bins for keeping newspaper or magazines are in its product range.

The products are sold in the United States of America, Canada, Europe, New Zealand and even non-traditional markets like Cyprus, Egypt and Morocco. In the last couple of years it has entered into manufacturing mainline wooden furniture as well. Also steel chairs with a rustic look are in their portfolio. Be it leather upholstered chairs or steel chairs, they can all be stacked thus saving space.

Sandeep Singhvi



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