Haswani Art Exports manufactures furniture, antique look-alikes as well as restoration of originals. While a few talk highly about straight-line, solid wood contemporary furniture, there is demand for painted furniture as well. The treatment is entirely different and colour and quality of paint used is equally different for the Western market. Apart from being
lead-free and toxic-free, the company has to follow a lot of compliance parameters.

39aa               Restoration of antiques and also reproduction of identical antiques is another of the company’s speciality. Haswani Art Exports obtains old objects from all parts of the country and restores them to their original shapes. Suresh Haswani avers that some objects are copied and replicas made as per the buyers demand. A few of them are converted into daily, household utility items.

The company also infuses a lot of innovative ideas in manufacturing gift items – be it for decorative display or for daily use – using wood, metals, glass and even clay. The clay products are so fine that they give the impression of bronze.

Suresh Haswani



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