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Do you ever feel to go on a quick and cheap vacation? Then Daman and Diu will be a perfect destination for you. Daman and Diu are two separate areas located in the state of Gujarat. Daman is close to the town of Vapi whereas Diu is near Junagarh. They were the part of the Portuguese territory and therefore there are many tourist attractions. Here are 6 amazing places in Daman and Diu that you must visit at least once,

Nagoa Beach:
Nagoa beach in Diu being horse-shoe shaped has clam water ideal for swimming. Sailing, boating, and water skiing are other activities tourists can enjoy. The not so adventurous tourists can laze in the sea beach enjoying the balmy breeze and the sight of swaying palm trees.

The Church of St. Francis of Assisi, St. Paul’s Church and St. Thomas museum are the primary attractions of this place. Pani Kotha, INS Khukri Memorial, and Sea Shell Museum are additional attractions of Diu.
Nagoa beach is well known for ‘hoka’ and ‘rukhada’ trees which are originally African and brought to India by Arabian traders.

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Somnath Mahadev Temple
In the small village of Dabhel, lies this very important temple that attracts thousands of devotees from all over the country every year for the renowned ‘Gangaji Fair’. The Somnath Mahadev Temple resembles the world-famous Somnath Temple in Gujarat. The glass interiors is what makes this temple so unique, despite being small in size. While it is generally peaceful, the fair gives it another level of exhileration. During the fair, devotees take a holy bath and perform the rituals, and then commence the celebrations with colour. It is indeed a sight one shouldn’t miss if given the chance to witness this epic celebration

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Naida Caves 
Naida caves is a photographer’s and explorer’s paradise. It is open till 5.30pm since it starts to get dark after that. Some say the cave is a natural formation where as history also says Portugese carved out the sand/rock from here to build the fort and hence the formation. There wasn’t any information board around the cave so it’s history remains a mystery. Upon entering the cave the sign boards direct you to walk around the cave. The caves are interlinked. And it is a little more than a half hour walk around the cave.

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Moti Daman
Moti Daman Fort in Daman features among one of the popular monuments in Daman. Touted as the popular tourist attractions of Daman, the place is characterized by a dream-like ambience. The construction of Daman’s Moti Daman Fort is credited to the Portuguese who built up their settlement at this place. One can expect to delight in mesmerizing and breathtaking views across the river to Nani Daman from the bulwarks near the lighthouse.

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Diu Museum
Apart from the lovely beaches of Diu, tourists can also visit the Museums in Diu. These museums play host to a lot of interesting things, facts and evidences that correlate the past episodes with the present day. Amongst the museums in Diu, a notable name is that of Diu Museum, Diu. Diu Museum in Diu takes us back into the historic era when it was under the rule of the Portuguese.

Dui museum

Jampore Beach
Jampore Beach is a popular picnic spot and is situated near the Gujarat border, towards the southern part of the city of Daman. It is a secluded beach and is safe for swimming.The beach is located at a distance of 6 km from Daman. This beach is connected with all important cities and towns through national roadways, airways and railways. The ideal time for visiting this beach is from September through May, when the weather is cool and pleasant.Jampore Beach is located at around 67 km from Ahmedabad and 93 km from Mumbai. The nearest airport is at Mumbai and the closest railhead is at Vapi.

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Therefore Daman and Diu is a must visit place, it will give you a whole new experience, also the hotels and stays here re very cheap yet very tidy.


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