Janmashtami: The birth of a new era


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Janmashtami is celebrated in order to mark the auspicious occasion of the birth of Lord
Krishna and also celebrated as Mahotsav. The festival is celebrated worldwide which is
throughout the country and even outside. With each passing area, the celebration has
become grand depending on the followers.

Lord Krishna is a very important god according to the Hindu culture and many scriptures have been written by various prominent authors in order to praise the lord. There are many people across the globe who also observe a fast on the same day out if their respective devotion for Lord Krishna.

The history behind the festival :

Lord Krishna is said to be born in the city of Mathura which is a well-known city in Uttar Pradesh. The city is itself famous as Krishna Nagari full of temples which are dedicated to Krishna.

According to the scriptures, it is mentioned that there was a demonic king called Kansa who was very brutal after attaining blessings from Lord Shiva himself. He had decided to get his favorite sister Devaki whom he loved wholeheartedly and genuinely. She as supposed to marry the Yadu king Vasudev.

Kansa was very happy after the marriage was completed when she was about to leave for Dwarka along with her newlywed husband there was a celestial announcement declaring that the 8 the child born to the couple will be responsible for the death of Kansa.

After listening to this he got infuriated and decided to keep the couple arrested in his jails. Although the prophecy had said it would be the 8 the child still scared for his life Kansa decides to kill each child born to them.


Year after year the same was happening but the 7th kid was automatically transferred from Devaki’s womb to the womb of Vasudev’s first wife. Then the 8th child was Lord Krishna who was the reincarnation of Lord Vishnu was born.

But something magical happened all gods assisted Vasudev to give his son to Nand his friend from Vrindavan. After that, he came back with Nanda’s daughter. Lord Krishna had a very special life where he had helped different people yo walk on the path of righteousness he also played a pivotal role in Mahabharat.

Famous Janmashtami Celebrations

Ever since then the day is celebrated with lots of happiness. There are different places where the celebration varies greatly.

1) Mathura

As Mathura was birthplace a grand celebration is observed. The preparations are said to have commenced many days before the actual day. Each and every resident is full of excitement and spirituality for the occasion. The jail has been converted to a temple itself. There is pooja done throughout the day and finally at 12 am of the night when he was born then the last set of aarti happens.


2) Vrindavan and Gokul

After handing the lord to his friend Nanda had brought up Krishna as their own son. Due to various hardships faced in the later life, Krishna had moved from Vrindavan to Gokul. So there are many temples built in dedication to Krishna in these places as well.

The very famous Iskcon temple which is built in many different places throughout the country is also situated in Vrindavan. There are huge bhog arranged for all the devotees who visit the temple. A huge celebration also takes place where the scriptures and mantras are chanted throughout the day. The celebration is open for all and anyone can be a part of it.


In this way, we may say that Janmashtami is indeed a huge and well-celebrated festival across the country to mark the occasion. So we can clearly make out the diversity of the auspicious day and devotion of people towards their favorite Lord Krishna.

– Vaibhavi Mishra


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