Indian people are hard-working. They are good players, business men, actors, dancers, teachers, writers, caring spouse, parents and many more. The thing makes them so efficient in every field is their good health. They eat health food, work very hard, and live a peaceful life that makes them perfect.

Swadesi brings the essential tips from ancient India that will help every man to stay healthy:


Meditation is a precious gift we all can adopt in our life for a good mental health. Meditation helps to uplift us from the mundane world and its worries to enjoy the peace of mind. Only a person with peaceful mind can manage his life wonderfully.



 Fresh Vegetables and Fruits

Ayurveda recommends fresh vegetables and fruits. They are great source of calcium, protein, iron, zinc, multi – vitamins and minerals that are necessary for good health.   Adding them in your daily routine at the place of fried snakes and see the positive change in your body.



            Physical Activities

Eating health will do best if we add moderate level of physical exercise in our routine. Exercise strengths to our body, utilize the excess of fat and keep us active and happy. Only a healthy body can have a healthy mind.


Dairy products  

Dairy products are the good source of protein calcium, carbs, vitamin D and Potassium which are very essential for both man and woman. Milk, curd, ghee, butter, cheese, butter-milk has always been favorite food of Indian people and Ayurveda recommend it for every person of any nationality.

Dairy Products

            Pulses and Beans 

            Being a land of cultivation, India produces a great quantity of pulses (daal) and beans that are back bone of Indian meal. They are a rich source of proteins for a balanced diet. You should include them in your regular meal for good health.

 Pulses & Beans





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