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Desert Crafts is a small set up with units in kutch , Jaipur and Mumbai we believe in bringing change to our day to day life with handmade, exquisite and authentic Indian textiles. We work with our rural artisans specially with women, use their ages old techniques, revive them and make products for today’s homes and lives.

  1. The Happy Wristlet: The festive collection is here. Enjoy these light and happy wristlets in vibrant coolors. Made with cotton silk and kutch hand embroidered patches, this is big enough to carry your cell phone and some currency. An apt option to posses as well as to gift.Happy Wristlet
  2. Indigo Handmade: The trends have it that color Indigo is the new Black this season. Handmade and hand painted blue pottery all the way from the Pinkcity of India, Jaipur. The sturdy cotton thread holds these fantastic pieces of art together. Come and live some local and authentic moments with us.Indigo Handmade
  3. The just Now Clutch: This collection of Indian Pop Colors is great to go with your wardrobe collection this season. They hold the real essence of Kutch. The handy and soft clutches are the flavor of the season. In varied colors do a mix and match.The Just Now Clutch
  4. The organic table mat set: Giving your home an extra edge of natural and organic colors. The Recycled and patched look of the mats and coasters will enhance the look of the evening. The colors used in printing these textiles and 100 % organic and natural. The age old hand block printing technique gives it a raw and rustic look. A true Indian textile.The Organic table mat set
  5. Upcycled Homes: Organic colors and handblock printed fabric with textiles redone is for those who welcome changes with both hands. You need to have raw and rustic taste to appreciate this piece of art. The upcycled textile is made exclusively for cushion covers and bags. The 3D look of it helps it stand out from the run of the mill products.Upcycled Homes
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