Indulgently sliced Bebinca

There’s never too much dessert, right? Ice-creams, pastries, fresh juicy fruits, pies, puddings, tarts…uh, you name it !!! Totally satisfying… But no, wait; do know about an irresistibly smooth and soft dessert which is a traditional Goan delicacy? Dig into to know more about this queen of Goan desserts…

Just what the Bebinca cake is-

Bebinca, aka Bebinka or Bibik, is a popular Goan dessert with a Portuguese touch. This dessert has been satisfying all the sweet tooths since a very long time in its state of origin. A bite will surely leave you wanting for more…

A look at the ingredients and the methods-

Unlike our classic cakes, Bebinca doesn’t require many heavy ingredients to prepare.

All you need is flour, egg yolks, ghee [clarified butter], sugar, coconut milk, salt to taste, and cardamon-nutmeg powder. The beautiful layers are a result of pouring a layer of batter, baking it, and again pouring another layer and baking it, repeating this until you reach 7 layers. And now you have the perfect Bebinca!

You can serve Bebinca with some ice-cream, to add that touch of luxury. And no, don’t just stop there…Bebinca can have flavours too like sweet potato Bebinca and coconut Bebinca.

Sweet potato Bebinca

Sweet potato Bebinca.

Although, Bebinca predominantly contains coconut milk, you can add coconut flour and coconut cream while preparing the coconut version of Bebinca.

Coconut Bebinca

Coconut Bebinca

What the locals think of it-

Goans are proud of their Bebinca, and yes they have to be! This dish is often found during Christmas and Easter celebrations, or during weddings and naming ceremonies. You just can’t resist your tastebuds once you caught the sight of this dish.

Bebinca being served with ice-cream

Bebinca being served with ice-cream

What more is that you just can’t help, but to watch in total satisfaction when a bebinca is being cut! Yes, watching that incredibly smooth, soft dish being cut is as satisfying as cutting up lush products.

Bebinca cake

A layered Bebinca cake

So the next time you plan a vacay to Goa, don’t forget to enjoy this piece of gold! You would be left licking your spoon, and enjoying the delicious after taste of the Bebinca in your mouth!                              


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