The Healing Rice Of India: Karuthakkar Rice


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Rice is considered as an important food in the Asian continent nearly 60% of the world population consumes rice as their primary food, Tamil Nadu has a wide variety of rice in which the best medicinal rice is known as karuthakkar.

Karuthakkar Rice in Tamil Nadu

Karuthakkar is comprised of 69% of water, 25% of fats and carb, and the other remaining is various type of minerals and vitamins like omega-3,omega-6, carbohydrates. This rice contain a fair amount of fiber (1.8%). Other minerals present in this rice are –

a) Manganese: A trace mineral found in most foods, especially whole grains. It is essential for metabolism, growth, development, and the body’s antioxidants system.

b) Selenium: A mineral that is a component of selenoproteins, which have various important functions in the body.

c) Thiamin: Also known as vitamin B1, thiamin is essential for metabolism and the function of the heart, muscles, and nervous system.


1)Control diabetes-When consumed karuthakkar rice controls the insulin level in blood which can result in control of diabetes.

2) Help to increase the immunity of body –Karuthakkar rice can be easily digested by our body. Karuthakkar rice has strong herbal antibiotics properties too which improve the immunity of the body and can cure food borne diseases.

3) Cure heart weakness – Karuthakkar rice improves blood circulation which can cure weakness in the heart.

4) Lower  bad Cholesterol: Benefits of brown rice also include the reduction of bad cholesterol. It is very useful to high blood pressure patients.

How to add this rice in daily diet –

Karuthakkar rice medical benefits make it expensive and rare. Karuthakkar rice requires lots of water to grow also it can be grown only through traditional ways. You can easily include this rice in your diet by replacing  it with normal rice.

It tastes like normal rice only so you can easily eat and enjoy this rice with various dishes and gravy. The rice of this variety is ideal for preparing the traditional South Indian breakfast like idli and dosa.


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