Leather purses with Kutch Embroidery

Cuts of Kutch

cuts of kutch and Handicrafts are very popular in most parts of the country and each has a uniqueness of its own that resembles their ethnic tastes and cultural differences. Leather work and the tanning industry is undoubtedly a large scale industry but Kutch has its own trademark leather cuts and embroidery styles that stand apart from the crowd.

Even though Rajasthan, West Bengal, and Madhya Pradesh are the big guns when it comes to the production of leather works, Kutch follows a path that is least taken and the recent increase in demand for their embroidery work has rejuvenated the art.

The crafts include sandals, shawls, mirrors, bags, and bracelets which are now frequently sold in many e-commerce websites.

The Cuts of Kutch Leather Masterpieces from Gujarat

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Cuts of Kutch: Leather sandals with embroidery

Leather sandals with embroidery

A mutual relationship existed between the Maldharis and Meghwals where the cattle skin from the Maldharis and the exquisite talent of the Meghwals fused to bring out the products that they sell and also give as a souvenir to travelers to their village.

The process of preparing the leather included the common process of tanning and dying them with natural colors. Hides from camel, cows and goats from the Maldharis were once contributed to the Meghwals and from there the products are created according to the creativity of the designer.

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Mirror with leather cover

Mirror with leather cover

Bhuj, Hodka and Sumrasar are the important centers where the work has been going on for hundreds of years. Hodka is special with the craft as every girl there is taught to learn the art form, thereby passing on the art generation after generation.

When it comes to Bhuj, the streets and the houses are a reflection of their love for art, decorating their camels, dresses and walls of their houses with pieces of mirrors and colorful threads. The embroidery patterns combined with the leathercraft produce the indigenous Kutch Leather cut that is found nowhere else in the world.

iPad cases made of leather

iPad cases made of leather

Conclusion of The Cuts of Kutch, Leather Masterpieces from Gujarat:

Even though the rise of entrepreneurial movement in the last few years, it has not been doing much for the promotion of the leather products from Kutch and there has been a constant decrease in the production but the popularity still lives and there is still a group of art lovers for the craft.


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