Kalavatin Durg and Prabalgad fort

Kalavantin Durg

Is it that you find immense pleasure in being surrounded by greenery and love treks to such places? Kalavantin Durg is the best place for you to end your search for such places! The Western Ghats or the Sahayadris are the places bestowed with all nature’s blessings.

The Kalavantin Durg lies in these Western Ghats and is special than other land features of the region…

The World’s Most Dangerous Fortress Kalavantin Durg

The Kalavantin Durg is situated around Panvel near Mumbai and is around 2.3k feet tall. This magnificent fortress was constructed in the honor of a queen of the same name. Just beside it, lies the fort of Prabalgad. At the foot of these structures, the scenery is just picturesque, especially during the monsoon.

Kalavatin Durg

Kalavatin Durg

The Kalavatin Durg is notoriously known for its scary steep slopes and a height that embraces the clouds. Getting to the top is no easy task.

Yet, its unmatched beauty urges the climbers to aim high, just like its height… The path to the top consists of stairs, all zigzag, steep, intimidating, and slippery especially during monsoon. These were cut into the mountain.

This fortress is called the world’s dangerous and is one of its kind for a reason. If this land formation existed in some other country, there probably would have been restrictions to climb this spot. There are no ropes or harnesses, only insecure stairs to make it till the end and return. Yet, there are various treks arranged for this spot. It seems to be a favorite for all trek lovers.

The stairs of the fortress

The stairs of the fortress

When And How to Visit Kalavantin Durg

Although it might be quite obvious to think of visiting this during monsoon to enjoy the most of the greenery. But monsoon does offer another inconvenience-slippery path which adds to the deadliness of the trek. So the best time would be from October to March. After March, it becomes a bit tough to beat the heat of summers.

This fortress can be spotted right from the Mumbai Pune expressway and could be accessed by there too. Or, try getting to Thakurwadi from Panvel. Your destination is quite near to Thakurwadi. You can choose to go on your own, or via a travel group. The approximate cost of such group visits is Rs. 800-1,000.

A scenic top view of the Kalavantin Durg

A scenic top view of the Kalavantin Durg

But whether you go alone or with a group, you can’t help, but to admire the beauty and uniqueness of the place and watch in complete awe.


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