Considered as one of the most famous buildings of the world, the Taj Mahal was built by Shah Jahan for his beloved wife. It took 22 years to build the monument and Shah Jahan employed more than 20000 workers to build this beautiful place. The monument always features as the top tourist spot for India and is loved by foreigners from different countries. The monument is also right next to the Yamuna River and is one of the best examples of Islamic architecture. This monument was constructed by Shah Jahan for the love he had for his wife. The monument is a white marble structure in Agra .It was designed by Ustad Ahmad Ali, one of the best architects of that time. The monument is called the ‘jewel of Muslim art’ and one of the finest buildings made during the Mughal times. This sprawling monument is beautifully furnished inside. This is a UNESCO world heritage site and it is said that the monument was built because Shah Jahan was not able to get over the death of his wife and wanted to create something that was extremely marvelous and yes, he accomplished it. Inside the building is the tomb of both Shah Jahan and his wife. There are three beautifully built monuments around the Taj Mahal which do not equal it in its beauty but certainly add to its grandeur. It is also said that viewing the sunrise in Taj Mahal is a blissful experience. Tourists are allowed to take pictures outside but photographs are strictly prohibited inside, where the mausoleum is. In case, you are a tourist and you think you needn’t visit the place because you know the building already thanks to the pictures and information available about it, you are mistaken because even photography doesn’t do justice to this exotic and mesmerizing monument. The tickets to this monument are priced at 750 rupees for foreign tourists, which is the highest ticket in India for any tourist spot. These charges of course don’t apply to the residents of the country.




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