What is the Laughing Buddha?

The laughing Buddha is called ‘Pu-tai’ in China and ‘Hotai’ in Japan and is a happy monk who brings prosperity to everyone. The laughing Buddha is usually found in offices, homes, hospitals and gardens as it is also a decorative item. It is even placed in temples at the entrance. People often mistake the laughing Buddha for Gautama Buddha .They are different personalities. The highlight of this monk is his tummy or belly that promises to bring fortune to people rubbing it.


Who is the idol based on?

The idol is actually based on a monk who lived in China many years ago who was always happy with life. He was known as the laughing Buddha because he was always laughing and his message was to spread laughter around him. People used to come to him with lots of questions but his continuous laughter made people slowly forget about their problems and they would instead start laughing. It is also known that the man was such a happy soul that he even laughed in his sleep. Though initially he was called by his original name, his laughter actually gave him a name called ‘laughing Buddha’.

Where to place the laughing Buddha?

The laughing Buddha is usually placed near the front door of the house. For people who need his positive energy, they certainly should avoid keeping it in the bathroom or bedroom. The best spot for the laughing Buddha is the living room. For students and professionals, they can keep it on their desk. Many people who have nice gardens in their house also place Buddha idols which are big in size. You can also place in other rooms in your house where you perform a lot of tasks.


Laughing Buddha in handicrafts

It is this laughing Buddha that is used in many handicraft designs. He is represented majorly in these designs because it is believed that the idol brings positive energy and good luck wherever it is kept. These idols are supposed to be placed in the living room or wherever people are present during the major part of the day. Unlike other idols, it is not worshiped in the prayer room. It is kept in the living room or on a dining table for the purpose of bringing fortune to people.

Rub his belly and a good change might well be your way!


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