Dhokra handicraft uses one of the earliest and advanced methods of metal casting known to human civilization. The uninterrupted practice together with the inherent accuracy and liveliness of the art form makes Dhokra desirable by mass. One uniqueness of this art is that it is comprised of scrap metals so it is eco-friendly. Let’s take a look at certain famous products which are not only made and loved by the tribes who develop these extraordinary crafts but also are highly in demand and exported to Egypt, China, Central America and more.
• Dhokra craft key hanger: – We all use it our homes but certainly the quality we get when it is made using brass metal and Dhokra techniques, we obtain the bets the product.

• Dhokra craft box: – The artisans make several kinds of boxes which are by the way used for general purpose but specifically Dhokra works are dominantly more pleasing.

• Dhokra craft- Standing Ganesha: – The works of Hindu deities are highly in demand in India and generally when it comes to God, people go for the best material which won’t lose it shine even after years.


• Dhokra craft- Ornate Bell: – These bells are often used while the puja in any occasions at home or temples. The brass material itself gives a very tickling sound.

• Dhokra craft earrings: – Earrings are a prominent part of a woman’s jewel in India. History has witnessed lots of modification in making of different kind of earrings.

• Dhokra craft pendant/ necklace: – Similar to earrings, a variety of necklaces are made like with cylindrical beads, spiral pendants, or beads with red threads and more.

• Dhokra metal bangles: – Bangles, in general, are very brittle in nature and yet are wore in a cluster, so Dhokra metal is used in making bangles because of two main reasons- they are light, and don’t break easily.

• Dhokra candle holder: – This solves the problem of putting a candle when lights are out. The wax that would drip won’t stick to the brass and hence can be removed easily.

• Dhokra metal casting: – Dhokra metal casting is purely a product of the artisan’s talent. Several show pieces are made which are attractive. Moreover, its dull color of brass can be colored too.

All the products listed are affordable and increases the beauty of your house and you. All these are easily available online. Not only in Orrisa but Dhokra art influence almost all the eastern states of India.

-Dhananjay Pandey


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