Kashmiri Shufta Kanaguchhi recipe


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Kashmiri Shufta Kanaguchhi

Shufta is the famous sweet dish from Jammu and Kashmir. It is made from different types of dry fruits and paneer. Various other ingredients can be added depending on the recipe you are following. Shufta is mostly cooked for big and special occasions like wedding.

Shufta kanaguchhi is made using kanaguchhi. The wild mushroom, Morchella esulenta, Morel mushroom are the various names given to kanaguchhi.

It is mostly found in hilly areas of Jammu and Kashmir. Kanaguchhi is not only great for tongue but also good for health. They have high medicine value including anti-tumor effect and also in Immunotherapy.

They are also believed to prevent cancer especially the prostate cancer. Even the dry fruits are good for the health and each has their own significance.

Kashmiri Shufta Kanaguchhi
Kashmiri Shufta Kanaguchhi

 As they say, everything comes with a cost, so do this marvelous dish. With all good dry fruits and paneer and Morel in this dish, it becomes really expensive.

The dry fruits and paneer are costly as we know but even the Morel is high priced. This due to the fact that it is hard to cultivate and is hunted. Though it is a thing in the USA and not India. Hence it can rightly be concluded that “Shufta is a rich man’s dessert” 

Kashmiri Shufta Kanaguchhi
Kashmiri Shufta Kanaguchhi

 Shufta is traditionally severed along with Yakhani. Shufta kanaguchhi can be cooked with ease and simplicity. But you need to be cautious while washing kanaguchhi, you must clean them extremely well.

There are various recipes to make shufta, you could choose whichever you find the best. If you are a sweet lover, you should definitely try this dish.

shufta recipe

Kashmiri Shufta Kanaguchhi
Kashmiri Shufta Kanaguchhi

 But even after the mouth watering looks, marvelous taste and healthiness, this dish is losing its value in today’s modern time. People don’t even know how the Morel or kanaguchhi look. As a result, it is becoming rare and we are losing this wonderful sweet dish.


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