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In current times where fast foods like instant noodles, burgers, momos, etc. are a rage, traditional Indian cuisines are slowly losing their popularity among Indian foodies.

With rapidly changing food habits, people getting too health conscious and diminishing food joints offering authentic desi dishes-The traditional Indian recipes are struggling to find a hold.

delicious Parinde Mein Parinda

You will be surprised to know India has an about 8,000-year-old culinary history which is a mixture of different groups and cultures and also has an origin of popular cuisines like Awadhi and Nawabi. With such a diverse and ancient food history, it would be a pity to not try a Typical Indian dish.

In this article, I have written about one such dish which belongs to the Mughlai cuisine and is sure to leave a sensation in the taste buds.

Parinde Mein Parinda
Parinde Mein Parinda 

Parinde Mein Parinda -which literally translates to bird inside a bird is a Mughlai dish whose main constituents are duck, chicken, quail, and egg. The dish involves stuffing the larger bird with the smaller one and filling the remaining cavities with a boiled egg.

The dish is served with a duck stuffed with chicken and the chicken itself stuffed with quail and boiled egg. Each of the bird is marinated differently and cooked for over 4 hours.

The original dish involved stuffing the camel with smaller animals in the belly and used to cater to a large set of diners. It is dum cooked like most of the Mughlai and Awadhi dishes.

It involves a high level of skills to prepare as it involves different types of meat and each of them has its own cooking requirements. The dish is as delectable as it is complex in its making.



Like many other traditional Indian dishes, Parinde Mein Parinda is also losing out on its popularity day by day. There are only few Chef left who can prepare this mouthwatering dish these days.

-Abhinav Batra


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