Shell Craft


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Shellcraft also known as Shell Craft, is something that truly mesmerizes you. It is basically craft making which involves a lot of creativity which will enhance the look of what we do with the shells. You might be wondering what is exactly shell craft and why are we talking about it? The answer to this question is quite simple which means that Shell craft is the craft of making decorative objects, or of decorating surfaces, using seashells. 

Shell Craft

What about the Indian history of Shellcraft? Man explore different things to carve out new things and in this way new craft skills emerge. Seashells fascinated the ancient Indian crafts, as is amply evident from the discovery of shell products from various sites belonging to the Indus Valley Civilization. Seashell is a gift of nature to man and they are found in a variety of shapes, size and color.

shell craft

The art of shell craft is so beautiful and intriguing that you would definitely want to learn more. This craft involves the making of colorful and fascinating decorative objects by using seashells. It not only results in decorative items, but also a wide rang me of other items too like boxes and mirror frames.

In ancient times, people used to make use of shell jewelry and figurines made of shells. The regions which are located near seashores or sea, in particular, are finessing at making such creative stuff which is gaining so much popularity. 

Though today when we go to see, Shell craft is not much a spoken topic, when we try to go into its depth, we shall be able to truly realize its importance. Shell craft helps in the translation of innovative ideas of the craftsmen into products and surface recreation altogether to a new height.

Apart from these items being in demand, the shell craft is also associated with some religious and social significance. The colors and textures imparted and imprinted on the seashells by nature cannot be matched even by the best artist.

shell craft

When we talk about Shell craft impacting our society we can say that how these gifts of nature are molded in a form of art that invokes in our mind the message that is to be conveyed. It is simply a folk art which is carried out by amateurs, however in some cases, it is also used for business making and the means to livelihood.

It can progress each and every day and people can come up with a variety of uses that will make our mind rethink of our own capabilities. It is the expression of the craftsmen that expresses the true reality of the Shellcraft.


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