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India is a diverse country where every State has its own unique tradition, culture, and taste. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari thousands of servings can be found and none of them tastes similar to the other.

But every dish will remain a remark on your tongue forever.

Khobi ka Lai

In India, whenever a State is being discussed the first thing that comes to every mind is the traditional cuisine of that State because every State has its individual flavour.

When it comes to diverse tastes and flavour, Bihar has an enormous admiration.

Ingredients for khobi ka lai

Bihari food litti chokha is very popular and is one of the most beloved North Indian dishes. But when it comes to the sweet dish, khobi ka lai is something not to be forgotten.

Khobi ka lai is a traditional Bihari cuisine, influenced by various Buddhist and Hindu values. Thus, it is immensely welcomed by vegetarians. In Bihar, every dessert is associated with one of its city.

Khobi ka lai is known to be associated with the city of Barh. It is one of the many specialties of the city.

Khobi ka lai is also known as Raamdana in Bihar. Raamdana is referred to processed khoya and sugar, moulded-in shape. The mixture of khoya (mawa) and sugar is shaped into laddo or flattened into small pieces, and is served with sprinkled khobi seed.

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Health benefits of khobi ka lai

Traditionally, khobi ka lai is mainly served during festivals and wedding ceremonies. Khobi ki lai, though Sweet and delicious has many health benefits.

For those who suffer from poor digestion, khobi ki lai is a safe sweet treat for them because it doesn’t contain solidified milk products which make it easy to digest.

Khobi ka lai is entirely made up of dry fruits thus it is full of nutrients.

Khobi ka lai, though not very famous, is a part of ancient Hindu and Buddhist cuisine. It is often offered to God during poojas in festivals. Though it can be found in several Sweet shops across the country, the one from Bihar has a rich and original taste. So next time when you visit Bihar, you know what you are going to ask for.


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