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Oak Grove School Mussoorie

Mussoorie, known as the “The Queen Of Hills” is one of the most picturesque locations in the world. Surrounded by hills and clouds with waterfalls give it a unique look that is second to none.

This splendid location also houses one of the best residential schools in India: Oak Grove School. The “Best” rank is not just a title for mongering war but is truly recognized by Government. This historic school was started under British rule in 1888 and holds thousands of glorious memories of colonized and independent India.

It has produced great scholars over its course of more than a century. The school stretches over 256 acres for all-around development and their residence.

The buildings are impressive and add charm to the already gorgeous location that it is located on. The classical design that includes the stone walls, large verandahs, and pillars takes it a step further. The ministry of railways of the Government of India and also the Northern Railway administration places great emphasis on the preservation of Oak Grove School.

School of your Dream: Oak Grove School

All these great achievements mean more people planning to take admissions in this school due to which the admission process is a bit challenging and starts from class 3 onwards. Most of the students are from Railways, understandably as it is being run by Railways.

The school, with its great heritage value, is a symbol of several things-of elegances, stability, history, welfare initiatives, and value-based education. It holds a sense of deep history and glories it has seen since its inception.

This might be the only school in India that stood tall and still growing after a century with a beautiful backdrop of hills and run by a government organization. All this ensures that there is good schooling and also a wonderful tour for the visitors.

oak grove school
oak grove school

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