Are you planning to gift your elders a surprise? Here is an idea to pamper them with shawls of purpose, the Kinnauri shawls. They are manufactured in the Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh. They are very famous for their intricate geometric designs.

kinnauri shawl design in Himachal Pradesh

kinnauri shawl designAlso, it is said that objects of religious importance are weaved on these shawls with colours of mythological origins. The colours used on these shawls are related to the five elements and there is a slight change in the belief here. The green colour signifies air element, blue signifies ether, white signifies water, yellow stands for earth and red stands for fire. People can find the central Asian influence in the geometric designs of these shawls.


The manufacturing and designs of these shawls are so unique and famous that the government has issued registration for this shawl under the provisions of the geographical indication of the goods act in 1999 which in turn issued prohibition of unauthorised production of this shawl, if found violated a 2lakh punishment or 3 years of imprisonment shall be the action taken. These shawls are woven for the local usage for commercial purposes and they are woven with frame loom, pit looms etc.


It nearly takes around 45 days to complete one single shawl. The masterpieces with the beautiful Kinnauri pattern woven all over the shawl are a big feast for the eyes. And they range from 40000 to 50000 INR per piece. Also, it takes from nearly six to eight months to weave such marvellous rare masterpiece of work.


There are various types of patterns woven in these shawls such as Kinnauri teen Patti, Kinnauri pattern along the both ends of the shawl, all over Kinnauri work and Kinnauri pattern running across the four edges. These shawls serve the dual purpose of function as well as ornamentation.


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