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The ongoing fitness fad has taken the whole world by its wave so how India could stay away! Even after being gifted with a death-defying palate for foods ranging from the spiciest Pani puri, papri chat to the sweetest Gulab Jamun, the Indians have still found their way to go back to their roots and identify the true essence of Indian food and the goodness associated with it. This has become a rage among people all over the world to stop and ponder over the actual causes of health with the number one reason being an unhealthy lifestyle. This gave rise to multiple concerns and the need for solutions. People in this era are so busy building their lives that they tend to forget the most important thing behind the whole process i.e., health. This realization led to an awareness of different forms of health concerns such as mood swings, poor immune system, low energy and overall fitness.

But the busy and the lazy lifestyle has led people to make poor choices such as ready to eat meals, packaged drinks, and food items which not only have poor nutritional content but also add to excess calorie intake leading to obesity, lack of concentration and increased stress levels. Proper exercise can only benefit when accompanied by a good food regime.


India’s population of 1.1 billion is the second highest in the world. India also has one of the youngest populations in the world, with the proportion of under-29s. With more than half of the population young and single, the processed food, eating out, leisure, and health and fitness sectors have experienced high consumer spending. Middle-aged adults (ages 45-55) currently form the second largest proportion of the Indian population (21.2%). Health related products are an important part of this group’s discretionary spending. A key trend is a move toward natural products comprising herbs, vitamins, and minerals. India’s economic progress has given rise to a stronger middle class, which is the main driver behind most consumer trends, however, they are spending on non-consumable products. High-income families will account for 2% of the population, but 20% of consumption by 2025.

So here are a few chemical free easily available options that can help you track your fitness level and take control of your overall health and wellness-

A divine mix of three dried fruits – amla (Indian gooseberry), bibhitaki (Terminalia bellica) and haritaki (Terminalia chebula) relieves digestive troubles, rejuvenates skin, treats dark circles and unhealthy hair, reduces cholesterol, reduces inflammation, aids weight loss, boosts immunity, improves bad breath, regulates blood pressure and hormonal imbalance. It also improves blood circulation and is good for diabetes.



It includes raisins (kishmish in Hindi) and walnuts. Together this two help in reducing acidity, improving bone, heart health, and metabolism. They also tackle cancer and helpful for controlling diabetes. These also aid weight management and recommended by doctors for stress management.


Being the oldest beverage in the history, tea originated 5000 years back in china.A blissful concoction from the melange such as rose hip, hibiscus, green tea, lemon grass, Chamomile and a lot many, tea protects bones, prevents the risk of cancer, relieves stress and soothes the body by flushing out toxins.

herbal tea

Also, known as “finger millet”, it is a powerhouse of goodness whose benefits can be enjoyed in its purest form without any requirement of polishing. It aids weight loss and helps in treating an array of diseases such as brittle bones, osteoporosis, anemia, and diabetes. It also reduces anxiety and stress thus is a natural relaxant.

ragi malt

People of this era are so pressed for time that they hardly have time to think about food and preparing a wholesome meal. They are barely able to scrunch in time for exercise along with managing professional life. These pre-made shakes are full of natural sources of proteins including soy, hemp, maize, gram, green peas etc. Being organic these are free from chemicals and lack any traces of chemical preservatives. Available in plenty of flavors such as chocolate, vanilla, these not only tingle your taste buds but also meet your nutritional needs. These can act as meal replacements or a workout snack.

protein shake

Below you can find a number of links to some of the other non-mentioned health boosters thus fulfilling a much-needed addition to your life-






– Sonali Sen


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